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About LiBCo.

Creating things

Libido Bike Company was established in 2003, in an effort to bring better street bikes into the mountainbike world. As riders, we have learned some things from all different sorts of bicycles and other vehicles with any wheels, and are now starting to chase the horizons far and wide... still as riders.

Things created

Our first brainchild is a hardtail MTB frame which will be the root for us, and for the whole industry perhaps. Take a look at the products page for some more info. We have also created derailleur hangers that fit those Tanatos frames. What's interesting though, is that a lot of people have found them useful for other kinds of customized bikes with slapped-on derailleurs. We are the kind of people who feel very happy with that, to see that our ideas did make a difference and helped some wheels roll on. How are your wheels rolling?

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