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"TANATOS" Street Frame
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So this is our flagship, designed primarily for street riding. It is a dope ride whenever there is some action involved, because it's not just another piece of cash designed by non-riders who don't dare create something new and better.

It can be set up the way you like, simple single speed, internal shifting cruiser, or trad multi-speed MTB. Not compatible with front derailleurs though, due to its tight back end.

Disc brake mount
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It's usually better to run rim brakes for this kind of use, but we don't overlook you high-tech freaks who love the disc. So we went on to design this mount which works with any axle position within the slot. This design also minimizes the unwanted fore-and-aft clearance of the regular mount holes. Compatible with any disc size up to 160mm (6.3").

Cantilever (rim) brake mount
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Rim brake mounts have been there for ages... while rims and tires got wider. We redesigned them so they work better with today's rims. No more snapped brake bosses from shoe-brake interference while riding. No more hard times taking the wheel off over brakes blocking today's tires when servicing.

Short chain stays
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Shorter back end is one key to designing better 26" bikes for action. The short chain stays are raised in the BB area to clear concrete edges, and gusseted for tough long life.

American/Euro BB
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Now that most BMX cranksets are available with euro(MTB) bottom brackets, we offer the euro version which boasts ISCG chain device mount.

One size does fit all

seat tube: 12.5"
top tube: 22.5"
chainstay: 15-15.75"
head & seat tube angle: 71 degree
hanger drop: 15mm

To sum up the ideas behind the sizing, we say it's "wisely compact". The tight back end brings light and linear maneuverability, while the front end is spacious enough to allow body movements needed for big actions. A lot of other manufacturers don't have the ability to design short chain stays, so they try to make their stuff LOOK compact with short front end. End result? They'll be still heavy to maneuver, while the front tire scuffs your toe all the time, making the ride a lingering nightmare.

It's generally said and understood that bicycles should match the size of the riders. We do not think though, that this is so true of bikes in the action category. Take a look at BMX bikes and skateboards, and you will see that the size of equipment does not vary as much as that of riders. We are foreseeing the future generations of 26" street bikes in that direction.

Default fork length: 450mm
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This number means that the geometry data makes sense when the fork has about 80mm of travel. It DOES NOT mean though, that you should not put on forks in any other length. In short, any fork works, but we rather recommend forks with 80-100mm travel for street riding anyway.

If you plan on running a rigid fork, you can put on a good ol' short type with no problem. There are ones that boast their length identical to 4-5" travel suspension forks, which we say is a total bull. Picture a 450mm suspension fork in action, and you see that its length is around 400-430mm for the most part, right? Those unnecessarily long rigid forks will only exacerbate the bent fork/snapped head tube problem. Of course these thing are just too minor if you are the kind of hardcore chopper rider who listens solely to Motorhead and Metallica.

Likewise, you can run shorter suspension forks with no problem. Speaking of suspension forks, longer ones with 4-5" travel are OK too. With longer forks, it handles milder from mellower head tube angle and longer wheelbase, which probably is a good thing for your intention. Technically, longer travel forks usually have deeper sag, narrowing the numerical difference in length that appear in catalogues.

Material: 4130 CrMo

Steel alloys do have weaknesses that may have kept you on your aluminum bikes. Steel is heavier. Steel rusts easier. Strengths? It's liable, because steel doesn't snap like aluminum. It's springy. It feels lighter and you definitely know that, if your more of a rider than a collector.

Color: Hard Banana
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This is Hard Banana out of 3 stock colors. With ¥10,500 upcharge, any paint color can be ordered.

Color: Azuki Beans
320320color_azukibeans.gif(61376 byte)

3This is Azuki Beans out of 3 stock colors. With ¥10,500 upcharge, any paint color can be ordered.

Color: Pure Blue
320320color_pureblue.gif(49369 byte)

This is Pure Blue out of 3 stock colors. With ¥10,500 upcharge, any paint color can be ordered.

Weight: 2800g

Sort of heavy in the MTB world, while on the lighter side compared within the street category. You may say it's heavy shit until you hop on it, then you would rather shut up and keep swingin' the rig thereafter.

Hand made in Japan
¥102,900 / frame + sticker sheet + warranty card

The deal.

We are proud to inform you that this frame comes out this cheap. For this price we guarantee satisfaction and duration. By the way, one of the other company's frames we tested cost about 10,000yen per one day of its lifetime. For this product though, we offer 90 days warranty.

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"5k" Derailleur Hanger
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These hangers fit most frames with horizontal dropouts and accommodate rear derailleurs. Slap it on the outside of the dropout, fix with the axle and you are all set.

Fitting example
320320hanger2.gif(30677 byte)

For regular quick release hubs, 5mm hole type fits like this. This example is a Shimano XT 9-speed hub.

If you run a thru-axle hub like Shimano Saint, our 10mm hole version is the perfect choice.

Sizes: 5mm hole (for QR shaft users) or 10mm for thru shafted hubs
Material: aluminum alloy
Color: raw
Weight: 10g
Made in Japan
¥3,360 /1pc
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Sketch Paper Products

"The Masher" Washer

Simple, plain and solid washers for bolt-on hubs. Say goodbye to those sissy washers out there. Planned to get tested through 2006.

OD: 25.4mm
ID: 10mm
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"Single" Seat Post

No fancy gimmicks. No tilting. No troubles. Currently being tested, tested very hard.

OD: 25.4mm
Length: 200mm
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"Eros" MTB Frame

If an aluminum frame is designed with the same concept as our Tanatos, that's gotta rock! For the versatility and maneuverability no one has yet seen. No production plans yet.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Sizing: Lighter hence longer
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"Renaissance" Wheelchair MTB

As we looked into the downhill wheelchair world, it was plain devastating to see the lack of good designs. We are here to make a difference. We are getting ready to present a faster and easier ride for those that see the difference.

Custom designs only, free consulting until we actually weld stuff.
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