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Here's some information about LiBCo. riders. Hope it gives you some clues about bike setups seeing what the product designers/developers are doing with the stuff.

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The rider who designs all LiBCo. stuff too. The picture shows him pulling a nosepick on one of the rare days when he has brakes.

The person

Rides street with a bit of trials and downhills background. Comes with Japanese average height, American average weight and exceptionally long arms.

height: 172cm
weight: 76kg
armspan: 185cm
inseam: 81cm

The ride
320320tanatos_kusa.gif(37908 byte)

Tanatos in Hard Banana, set up with fewer parts than you would typically consider- single speed with no brakes.

fork: Rock Shox Duke SL
stem reach: 50.8mm
crankarm length: 175mm
gearing: 30-14

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Mitsuhiro OTOKU
320320team_toku.gif(24728 byte)

Rides street and also shoots good footage. So this picture is a bit strange in that he is in it not behind the camera, and he makes it count with a clean ollie down stairs.

The person

Has been the film guy, the rider, the motivator, and the gangsta. Choose your favorite.

height: 170cm
weight: 68kg
armspan: 168cm
inseam: 78cm

The ride
320320tanatos_toku.gif(39778 byte)

Tanatos in Azuki Beans. This is the magic color that you may hate at first, then start diggin' after a while. In his case at least.

fork: Marzocchi Z1 Dual
stem reach: 54mm
crankarm length: 175mm
gearing: 36-9spd

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Flow Team

Nobody listed right now

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